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Wizard of Slots - Free Slots


Welcome to the magical world of Wizard of Slots! A handpicked selection of gorgeous slot machines - Smell the popcorn and enjoy the attractions of the Carnival slots, marvel at the sites of the Aztec empire, run your hands through the silky fur of an Arctic tiger and brave the wrath of Zeus – to name but a few of the awesome experiences that await you, the lucky player, when you will brave the huge map of this magical world and unlock slots after slot, winning up to 60 different trophies along the way. Luck is just a part of this game!In this world of the Wizard of Slots you will gather riches beyond your wildest dreams; you’ll have to if you want to advance through the challenges of the Wizard!Each of the 15 games can only be revealed through victory, so get ready to win!
How exciting it will be to combine multiple adventures, to travel through a hand drawn slot world where each triumph introduces new characters, new HD Graphics and new HD Sounds! You can be screaming and spinning on a roller-coaster theme park slots then find yourself battling Zeus’s wrath! But only if you’re good enough!
That’s right, if you have what it takes you can walk away with trophies and Mega Wins. What’s more, don’t forget about the killer winnings you got from your daily and hourly bonus coins! Rumble in the Jungle and then take it easy in Cleopatra’s Palace – I heard she likes the competitive types!
Game Features
► Unlock 15 hand drawn slots!► Collect trophies after each slot victory! ► Daily and hourly coin bonuses!► Wizard of Slots MEGA wins!► 20 Reel Slots and YOUR choice of line count!► FREE Bonus Coin & Lucky Prize Wheel EVERY 4 hours► Multi device play - Progress continues on all of your devices► Hand drawn HD graphics! ► Level Up: Free coins, MORE lines, BIGGER max bets!► Double down on your slot machine wins!► Auto-spins and free spins!► Trophy boosting boost multiplier! ► The wildest wildcards► iPhone! YES Android! YES iPad and tablet! YES!!! ► Want more great games and cool apps? Check out our other games► Multilingual UI: free online slots in your language!► Auto spins and fast stop!► Premium sound effects► Mini games galore!!!
What are you waiting for? Download Wizard of Slots NOW! It’s completely FREE – that’s right! 15 FREE Slots in one! Don’t let another second pass without spinning for Viking Treasure and searching for Da Vinci’s secrets! Unlock each of the 15 hand drawn slot worlds and be the ULTIMATE Slot Champion!